Integrated service platform

Integrated service platform

Take advantage of our seamless integration of services, providing end-to-end solutions for your nanomedicine projects.

When navigating the intricacies of nanomedicine development, a CDMO partner with Ardena’s experience can have a profound impact. Our integrated nanomedicine services handle every aspect of your project from start to finish, providing comprehensive solutions to any issues.

Here is what sets Ardena apart as your ideal nanomedicine partner:

Seamless integration of services

You benefit from a seamless integration of services on one multidisciplinary platform. From payload and API services to nanomedicine manufacturing and clinical packaging, we provide a unified approach that mitigates risks and accelerates your project timeline.

  • API services: We seamlessly integrate payload procurement with the development and manufacturing of small molecule APIs, ensuring optimal compatibility for nanoparticle formulations.
  • Custom building blocks: We specialize in producing custom lipids, monomers, polymer micelles and inorganic complexes, providing essential building blocks for tailored nanomedicine solutions.
  • Nanomedicine development: Through leveraging cutting-edge techniques, we offer comprehensive nanomedicine services, including technology transfer, analytical, process and scale-up development for efficient and cGMP-compliant production processes.
  • Nanomedicine manufacturing: Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped for scaling up nanoparticle production, adhering to cGMP standards to deliver reliable and consistent bulk drug products.
  • Fill and finish, clinical packaging and logistics: Tailored to meet stringent timelines and study designs, our services include aseptic fill and finish, clinical packaging and logistics, ensuring the reliable delivery of GMP-compliant materials to trial sites.
  • Regulatory support: With expertise in CMC documentation, regulatory navigation and strategic advice, we expedite global product approval and ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines.
  • Bioanalysis services: Our precise bioanalytical measurements support timely milestone achievements and regulatory submissions for nanoparticle-based formulations.

Phase-appropriate development

We understand the importance of phase-appropriate development. Our team applies appropriate quality standards at each phase of drug development, ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines from the outset. A commitment to quality and compliance is paramount, and we uphold the highest standards throughout your nanomedicine development journey.

Choose Ardena as your partner in nanomedicine development

Drive your project from concept to clinic and experience the power of integrated services that support your journey to bringing innovative therapies to life, with confidence and clarity every step of the way.

Our integrated nanomedicine platform

At Ardena, we offer a fully integrated approach to nanomedicine development. From payloads and building blocks to nanoparticle manufacturing, fill & finish and bioanalysis, our seamless workflow ensures efficient, customized, and successful project delivery.

Program management

Using the right standards at the right development phase, our comprehensive program management services streamline your nanomedicine drug development.


Experience tailored solutions to meet your precursor manufacturing needs.

Nanomedicine manufacturing

Discover comprehensive nanomedicine development and manufacturing services.

Fill & finish and clinical supply

Explore our state-of-the-art fill & finish capabilities and ensure seamless delivery to trial sites.


Learn how we support your preclinical and clinical stages with expert nanomedicine testing services.

CMC regulatory support

Our comprehensive CMC regulatory services streamline the preparation and submission of the regulatory files for your nanomedicines