Building blocks

Building blocks

Discover our comprehensive suite of custom building blocks essential for personalized nanomedicine solutions.

At Ardena, we specialize in the production of custom molecular building blocks that are essential for the creation of your nanomedicine. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses the synthesis of four primary categories of building blocks:

Custom lipids

Custom lipids

Our team has extensive experience with a variety of custom complex lipids.

Whether your project demands liposomes, micelles or LNPs, we have the expertise to bring your designed custom lipids to application.


We specialize in the synthesis of a large variety of monomers, providing the foundation for the development of polymers with diverse functionalities. Novel nanomedicines based on polymers often require the use of non-standard monomers to obtain the desired effectivity.

At Ardena, we not only formulate your nanoparticles but also synthesize the monomers you need. With a strong background in both organic and polymer, our team combines the best of both worlds to bring your project to life from the smallest molecule to the final product.

With this experience, we can accurately synthesize your monomers in-house, which will lead to a smooth and simple process of creating your nanomedicine.


Ardena has broad experience with a wide range of polymerization techniques, bringing your custom-designed polymers to life. From biodegradable polymers for sustained drug release to stimuli-responsive polymers for targeted therapies, we have the expertise to take your polymer to a larger scale. With years of experience in the synthesis of polymers and subsequent self-assembly, our team of polymer experts crafts and takes your product from a small-scale procedure to a pilot-scale synthesis.

We have experience with a variety of polymeric architectures, including:

  • Block copolymers (random, block, alternating, gradient, graft)
  • Homopolymers
  • Dendrimers
  • Comb structures
  • Star polymers
  • Hyperbranched polymers
  • Cyclic polymers

These polymer architectures have been achieved using various polymerization techniques, such as controlled (living) ionic polymerization (anionic, cationic), radical polymerization (free, ATRP and RAFT), ring-opening polymerization and post-polymerization modification.

Our experience in polymerizations allows us to accurately control polymer size, distribution and composition. This will lead to tailor-made nanoparticles, ranging from inert to cross-linked or surface-functionalized moieties.

Inorganic complexes

Our expertise extends to the synthesis of metal complexes essential for applications such as imaging, diagnostics and therapeutic interventions.

Ardena offers the capability to synthesize the inorganic precursors, tailored to the specific needs of your project.



Characterization of building blocks is crucial for nanoparticle production. We ensure proper control of the synthesized building blocks by implementing or developing appropriate methods based on their critical quality attributes.

These methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Appearance: Visual
  • Identity: FT-IR, NMR, LC-UV/CAD/MS
  • Assay, composition and purity: LC-UV/CAD, qNMR
  • Molecular weight distribution: AF4/SEC-MALS
  • Elemental impurities: ICP-MS
  • Residual solvents: GC-HS, GC-FID/MS
  • Water content: KF
  • Microbiological control: USP/Ph. Eur.

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