Leading the way in nanomedicine solutions

From pre-clinical studies to commercialization, Ardena partners with you to develop customized nanomedicines that address the critical challenges of the healthcare industry.

Leading the way in nanomedicine solutions Leading the way in nanomedicine solutions Leading the way in nanomedicine solutions

Our nanoparticles expertise

Guiding your nanomedicine candidate on its journey to the clinic


Lipid-based nanoparticles, including LNPs, liposomes, and micelles, offer targeted drug delivery. With Ardena's expertise, these nanomedicine candidates take the best route to the clinic.


Ardena leverages extensive knowledge in polymer synthesis and self-assembly techniques, allowing for the engineering of optimized drug delivery systems across diverse therapeutic applications.


Ardena specializes in crafting metal/metal oxide nanoparticles, offering customized solutions for developing these advanced drug delivery systems and diagnostic imaging tools in the clinic.

Our integrated nanomedicine platform

At Ardena, we offer a fully integrated approach to nanomedicine development. From payloads and building blocks to nanoparticle manufacturing, fill & finish and bioanalysis, our seamless workflow ensures efficient, customized, and successful project delivery.

Program management

Using the right standards at the right development phase, our comprehensive program management services streamline your nanomedicine drug development.


Experience tailored solutions to meet your precursor manufacturing needs.

Nanomedicine manufacturing

Discover comprehensive nanomedicine development and manufacturing services.

Fill & finish and clinical supply

Explore our state-of-the-art fill & finish capabilities and ensure seamless delivery to trial sites.


Learn how we support your preclinical and clinical stages with expert nanomedicine testing services.

CMC regulatory support

Our comprehensive CMC regulatory services streamline the preparation and submission of the regulatory files for your nanomedicines


Our expert team members share their deep, scientific understanding and insights into nanomedicine development and manufacturing

Explore our tailored nanomedicine solutions

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